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Strategic alliances constantly shift across the healthcare industry. On a nonstop basis, technological breakthroughs and changing financial and regulatory landscapes result in healthcare businesses wanting to acquire or merge with others in order to maximize synergies — and often profits.

Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Fleetridge Pacific’s advisers offer mergers and acquisitions services to our clients. We specialize in healthcare industry mergers and acquisitions, providing advice and services to healthcare business owners and companies across many areas, including home healthcare agencies, hospices, behavioral health, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, medical laboratories, durable medical equipment, surgery centers, dialysis centers, imaging centers, rehabilitation, hospitals, MRDD and much more.

Representing primarily sellers of healthcare businesses, we facilitate what can be a lengthy and complicated process so your healthcare business can close the sale or merger deal that makes the most sense. Tapping into our network of industry players and private equity firms, we will establish a pool of potential buyers, and rely on our staff expertise — which includes clinical healthcare experience — to determine your business’s strongest assets and identify the most ideal suitors.

Because healthcare transactions are what we do, we have insight that you won’t find at an M&A company or business broker that doesn’t specialize in the industry. We understand that in healthcare there’s more to a sale than the bottom line — for instance, factors such as a buyer’s ability to provide continuity of quality care for your patients.

About 1,500 healthcare M&A transactions worth well over $500 billion took place in 2015. With that kind of robust demand, leveraging a healthcare mergers & acquisitions services company with our expertise and track record makes sense, so you can get the maximum value for your business.

Contact us today at (888) 220-2270 to explore the current market for mergers and acquisitions.

Buy-Side Representation

Fleetridge Pacific represents corporations, private equity firms and investors that are seeking to grow their business through a merger or acquisition.  We help create acquisition strategies, identify prospective targets, initiate contact, make introductions, and negotiate terms of the agreement.

At Fleetridge Pacifi, we have close relationships with healthcare business owners, many of who would like to sell to a qualified buyer, but do not want to list their business – due to concerns that customers and employees may find out and the business would suffer. It is estimated that there are about 4 times as many sellers in this “hidden market” than there are listed for sale.

Fleetridge Pacific will help you to tap into this “hidden market” and create a target list of potential companies that meet your specific acquisition criteria.  Save time and take the stress out of the business expansion process. Contact us today at (888) 220-2270 to discuss the process and goals for the growth of your business.

Healthcare Business Valuation Services

Whether you have decided to sell or merge your business, or are still investigating various facets of that possibility, Fleetridge Pacific’s advisers provide comprehensive business valuation services to our clients. We have our fingers on the pulse of the healthcare industry, enabling us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date valuation for your business, taking a systematic and professional approach to all valuation engagements. Valuing a healthcare business requires the consideration of a variety of complex factors. We design our healthcare business valuation services to reflect the reality of current market conditions.

Fleetridge Pacific will collect and analyze information about your assets, determine how those assets might be valued by various potential buyers, and provide insight as to whether the timing is right to put your business on the market.

Healthcare valuations are what we do. Contact Fleetridge Pacific today at (888) 220-2270 when it’s important to have that information accurate and up to date.